Food Safety. Really?

With all of the new FSMA changes, the Food Safety Transportation Act and all, each food processing company should develop a food safety culture.  It is really getting all departments on board with the serious result of protecting your customer’s health in regards to food safety.

Frank Yiannas of Wal Mart has written a very good book on the subject.

“Food Safety Culture: Creating a Behavior-Based Food Safety Management System / Edition 1”



SQF Certification (con’t)

Step 7

  •  The actual audit itself.
  •  Major non-conformance(s) must be corrected and uploaded into ReposiTrak within 14 days.
  •   Minor non-conformance(s) must be corrected and uploaded within 30 days.


Step 8

*  Certification Decision within 45 days from certification body.

*  Score of Excellent or Good; another audit within 12 months.

*  Score of Complies; another audit within 6 months.



Steps To Become SQF Certified

Step 1

  •  Download SQF Edition 7.2.
  •  Register your facility with SQF
  •  Select a Certification Body.

Step 2

  •   Designate your company’s Practitioner
  •   Select modules based on your company’s categories
  •   Perform self assessment or hire a consultant to perform a Gap Analysis.

Steps 3-8 will follow.

Call us with any questions.  We will help walk you through these.