FDA Facts

If you receive a Warning Letter from FDA, do you know what to do?  There are ways to handle it and there are things not to do.  If you do the wrong stuff, you are getting started off on the wrong foot with FDA and then they can really make your life miserable.  The first thing to do is answer the letter within 10 days.


Did you know, because of FSMA, FDA can suspend a company’s registration even if they only have reasonable probability that the product in your plant may become contaminated?  They don’t have to find specific examples anymore.




I hate complainers.  I believe there are people out there that complain just to complain, or maybe try to get something for free.


So we were at one of our trade shows this past week.  The sausage on the buffet line at the hotel was not warm both mornings.  The steam table was steaming, but the sausage tray wasn’t getting warm.  The sausage was thoroughly cooked though but at room temperature.  I had bacon the third morning.  It was fine.


Being in the food safety business, should I have said something?  I never did.