Food Defense

How is your food defense plan coming along?  Is it ready for FDA to look at when they audit your facility?  A food defense plan is part of FSMA.


They have initiated this so that you can protect your product from intentional contamination.  Disgruntled employee stuff or a terrorist attack.  They have identified high risk facilities as being bulk liquid receiving and shipping.



FDA Listened!!!!!

FDA listened to your comments.  Congratulations!  Good job!  They changed their thinking apparently on environmental monitoring and finished product testing.  FDA doesn’t know everything.  You all in the food industry have the practical experience.  Keep your comments coming.  You have plenty of time.  YOU can make the law so that YOU can live with it.



SQF Conference

Say hello to either Jane or Jeanette at the SQF Conference in Orlando at the end of this month.  We have a table top exhibit there and at least one of them will be in the exhibit.  Maybe you can talk them out of a drink or coffee.



Training Accountability

We all have training programs.  Some good, some real good and some not so good.  What about continuous training?  If you train a line employee close to their hire date, do you ever give them a refresher?


What about accountability?  If you train a line employee on the proper way to wear a hairnet and they don’t abide, are they accountable?  Do they lose pay?  Vacation?



Federal Register

You can make comments on FSMA through the Federal Register.  Those laws can and will impact your business.  A lot of folks are making comments.  If you think there is something unfair in these upcoming regulations, you should tell FDA.