Salmonella: Caught in 4 Hours

We all know that after you produce a lot of your finished product, in some cases, you have to wait days for lab results.  This can really be burdensome, especially if the product has to be refrigerated.


Now hear this!  On July 7, FDA is holding a demo day at the Center for Food Safety where finalists will present to judges from USDA, CDC, and FDA their concepts on how to reduce the lab results wait time.  We have heard a rumor that one firm has it down to 4 hours.



Won’t Get Fooled Again

The rock and roll group The Who, released “Won’t Get Fooled Again”  as a single in June of 1971.


This song reminds me, to remind you folks out there, that have third party GMP audits, to not just look at the grade on the audit and to dig a little deeper into the audit to find out if there are any ‘critical’ findings.  We have observed some auditors writing in the report ‘critical’ findings, but still giving an excellent rating.


Don’t be fooled by the grade given.



How To Increase Your Sales

Since FSMA will finally begin it’s finalization in August of this year, it’s time to get serious, especially if you want to do business with the biggest retailers or even the medium sized retailers.


Probably two of the biggest items that they will be looking for is a supplier with an unblemished food safety record and adequate (proper-up to date records) documentation on all aspects of food safety in your plant and in the facilities or your suppliers.  HACCP plans, letters of guarantee, list of suppliers, members of food safety teams, etc. are some of the things you need.


See last week’s blog and increase those sales!