About Food Safety Recommendations

Welcome to Food Safety Recommendations.com!  My name is Tom Hugé, President of ASI Food Safety, Inc.; the goal of my blogs are to entice you to look further into what you can do for your food producing/handling company, to make it safe for people to eat.

Since FSMA (the Food Safety Modernization Act) has been signed into law by President Obama, in January 2011, it can all be very confusing and overwhelming.  But with management commitment and employee calibration and training, food safety can and will work in your favor.

Your company name and logo should represent a reassurance that the product consumers are about to eat, or a supplier is about to receive, is 100 percent good to go and safe for consumption.

I will share with you weekly tidbits of information on what is trending in the “Food Safety World”.  It is up to you to take action, look up further information on the topic, and to be part of the “Trusted Companies” that suppliers and consumers seek out.

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