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SQF Certification (con’t)

Step 7

  •  The actual audit itself.
  •  Major non-conformance(s) must be corrected and uploaded into ReposiTrak within 14 days.
  •   Minor non-conformance(s) must be corrected and uploaded within 30 days.


Step 8

*  Certification Decision within 45 days from certification body.

*  Score of Excellent or Good; another audit within 12 months.

*  Score of Complies; another audit within 6 months.



Steps To Become SQF Certified

Step 1

  •  Download SQF Edition 7.2.
  •  Register your facility with SQF
  •  Select a Certification Body.

Step 2

  •   Designate your company’s Practitioner
  •   Select modules based on your company’s categories
  •   Perform self assessment or hire a consultant to perform a Gap Analysis.

Steps 3-8 will follow.

Call us with any questions.  We will help walk you through these.