Truckin Your Food

FDA is coming up with new regulations on the shipping of food.  They will finalize these regulations in March of 2016.


A couple of proposed examples:


The shipper must specify in writing to the carrier the temperature conditions necessary during the transportation operations, including the pre-cooling phase, to ensure proper temperature control.


Verify that each container has been pre cooled before loading food.


This is more stuff for you to think about.


FSMA Speeds. Slow and Stop

Because of the lengthy roll out of FSMA, we are not really seeing many folks getting prepared.  A lot of folks are telling us they just don’t have the time, and they are really waiting to see what “really happens” in the end.  What will be important to do and what won’t.


We understand the feeling.  It has been over four years now.  But it will happen.  Our advise is to do a little bit at a time.  In chunks.



Stupid Pathogens

In the US it is reported that each year there are 9 million episodes of foodborne illnesses from known pathogens, and there are 38 million episodes from unknown pathogens.  This equates to 48 million illnesses annually, 128,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths.


We have just left a meeting and we have been assured that researchers are working very diligently to reduce these numbers.


Way Too Much Paperwork/Recordkeeping

One thing we know for sure, and that is FSMA is promising a lot more paperwork and record keeping.  People that we have spoken with are talking about hiring more people to keep up with this.


There are automated systems out there to help you keep up with these new requirements that are geared towards FSMA.


I’m Sorry

In the last few posts, we have been throwing at you a lot of new stuff on FSMA.  Here is another new item.


A new provision of FSMA is for you if it is appropriate in your facility to have a HARPC plan or program.  Hazard Analysis Risk-Based Preventive Controls.  In a HACCP plan there are critical control points that we can measure, but in a HARPC plan hand washing might be a critical step to control risk.


Sorry.  Call if we can help.


Know Your Undeclared Allergens

Fifty percent of all FDA food related recalls are because of undeclared allergens.  50%!  15 million Americans have some sort of food allergy.


The most common foods involved are bakery products, snack foods, candy, dairy products and dressings.


The most common allergens are milk, wheat and soy.


Are any of these allergens ingredients in your product?


Dog Lovers Beware

Some folks are alleging that their dogs have become sick and died from Beneful dog food.


If you are using this product you need to research and make a decision.


What Is HARPC?

HARPC stands for “Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventive Controls”.  It is one of the new provisions of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act.  HARPC requires every food manufacturer and storage facilities to identify food safety and adulteration risks associated with their foods and processes, to implement controls to minimize the risks, to verify that the controls are working, and to design and implement corrective actions to address any deviations from the controls that might arise.  This plan must be documented, periodically reviewed, maintained and it’s verification steps documented.



W-A-A-A-A-Y Too Long

This FSMA thing actually coming to fruition is just taking way too long.  They are still considering proposals.  I read something yesterday that said they think that things might start moving in 2017.  The Act was signed in 2011.


And now the Fed wants to get involved (tax) the internet or it’s users?  They are already trying to or controlling health care.


These guys are too much.